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MusicBox provides an easy way to play background music in cafes and restaurants, without any jingles, commercials (unless the cafe wants to add its own), nagging radio talk. The service has a huge music catalogue and dozens of long well-crafted playlists matching any mood or theme the cafe may need, while simultaneously avoiding repetition in the playback.

Each user receives a music box - small device that connects to internet and speaker system, and plays the music. For a day-to-day operation, there's nothing else needed. Optionally, users can control the playback (select playlists, create their own playlists from the songs in the library, or play a specific song) via a web interface accessible from any device - be it smartphone, tablet or computer.

The music boxes use Raspberry Pi as a platform with Raspbian operating system, the web interface is written in Django and the streaming server (streaming actual music to the boxes) is written in Go.

The MusicBox service is currently only covering Croatia, due to content licensing restrictions.

"Where do I sign up?"
- A typical cafe owner upon hearing what MusicBox does
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