Building highly-available and fault tolerant sites on a budget

2015-10-04 by Senko Rašić

At this year's WebCamp Zagreb I gave a talk on increasing the website reliability "just enough to get by", without going to unneeded extremes. I shared a few tips on how to maximise the uptime and minimise unexpected downtime of a typical web application.

Here's a video of the talk, courtey of the conference organisers:

(you can grab the slides over at SpeakerDeck)

The talk is geared towards small outfits with a only a couple of servers - if you are a developer of a smaller-scale web application, you’ll learn why high availability should matter to you, even if the business tolerates some downtime, and how to achieve it on a budget.

If you watch the talk, be sure to watch the Q&A session as well (starts around 25' mark), it covered a lot of topics that I didn't go through in the main body of the talk.

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