WebCamp Zagreb 2015 Redux

2015-10-16 by Senko Rašić

As is tradition, start of fall in Croatia means there's a big community-driven web conference - WebCamp Zagreb. This years' conference was the biggest yet, with two days packed with talks, more than 800 attendees, participants and speakers from all over the world.

WCZG group photo

We're happy to have again helped the conference by being a sponsor. We also used the opportunity to (re)connect with the people in the community, and also share our experiences with others (Senko gave a talk about Building highly available and fault tolerant systems on a budget).

Most of the talks were very accessible to everyone, no matter their background (web or native app developer, designer, ...), and didn't go deep into the subject matter. Although that may sound like a negative thing, this meant that for basically everyone the conference was packed-full with interesting things outside their domain expertise to learn about. The content widened (not deepened) the participant's view.

A great example of this were the awesome second day's keynote by Jaime Levy - What the hell is UX strategy and why it's crucial, or Bozhidar Batsov's talk about The Elements of Style in Programming.

WebCamp Zagreb 2015 was a great conference, and we're looking forward to next years'!

Senko Rašić
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