Client work

Here are some examples of the exciting and challenging projects we did for clients all over the world.

Konceptich Web Store is a fashion clothes and accessories store in Zagreb, Croatia. Konceptich is both a physical store and a web-based shop, and offers its clients a wide variety of brands.

The Konceptich web store acts as a gallery, online store, but also as a point-of-sale system for the physical store, and combines the shop, ERP, and newsletter/promotions functionalities.

We took on the project when it was halfway through, and plagued with serious reliability and performance problems, with the launch date already very near. We immediately established priorities and started solving issues, rapidly iterating and delivering the initial version of the site for the launch day.

After the launch, we focused on improving quality of the code, further increasing realibility and maintainability via refactoring and unit tests.

A few months later Konceptich was acquired by Sportina Group a largest fashion groupation in region, partly thanks to job we did on optimizing performance of their webshop.

Tech stack used: Django, Celery, PostgreSQL, Nginx.

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